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Morocco Your experience will be complete after enjoying the benefits of oriental treatments
(to learn all about the hammam, black soap, ghassoul …, see bottom of page).
After you have discovered the benefits of traditional Moroccan hammam, you can extend the relaxation in our massage room.  Our beautician will offer a range of treatments or a relaxing massage, energizing, … according to your desires. You can book in advance in order to plan your care, or as you wish during your stay.

The massages at the Riad by our beautician are 30 € for 1 hour.

Riad Dar Khmissa offers different packages Bien Being & Fitness

  • SPA Discovery Package (1h15)

Traditional Oriental Hammam and scrub soap in the hammam of the neighborhood, followed by a relaxing massage of one hour in the Riad.

Price per person: 40 euros

  • Oriental SPA Package (1:30)

Oriental Hammam and scrub soap together with a relaxing hour massage in a specialized center.

Price per person: 41 euros

  • Package SPA Orient Secret (1:45)

Oriental Hammam and black soap scrub and a wrap Ghassoul followed by a relaxing massage of one hour in a specialized center.

Price per person: 50 euros

  • SPA Package Secret Eastern More (2:30)

Oriental Hammam and black soap scrub and a wrap Ghassoul followed by a relaxing hour massage and facial or pedicure or manicure at a specialized center.

Price per person: 70 euros

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To learn more about oriental treatments:


 Filled with dense heat (without steam) and perfumes from elsewhere, the hammam is the framework of all the care granted to the body. Unlike the Turkish hammam, the Moroccan hammam gives no steam.

Oriental legacy of ancient customs, it is simply a heat bath at 50 ° in a relaxing setting.

Heat, saturated at 100% humidity leaves an impression of softness and support easily through water vapor. It calms muscular tensions and aches, supports the sleep and elimination of toxins.
Followed by a warm or cold shower and a massage with essential oils, the session at the hammam tones and firms the skin. The bath hammam ends with a black soap scrub, to remove dead cells and allows to relax.
After this moment of relaxation, you will feel good in your body and your head and ready to go again full of energy.

Black Soap

The natural vegetable soap used in the preparation of a natural and traditional scrub in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East.
It is obtained from a mixture of oil and crushed black olives macerated in salt and potash.
The soap is both a powerful natural exfoliant and an extraordinary moisturizing skin care because it is very rich in vitamin E regenerative.
Once mixed with water, the dough becomes smooth but is low foaming.


Its literal translation means “the matter which washes”. S’utilise comme un masque de la tête aux pieds. For use as a mask from head to toe.
Tightening effects, firming, softening, cleansing, scrub, Ghassoul softens the skin, reduces the secretion of sebum, regenerates your skin by exfoliating dead cells and balance by tightening its pores